1. Bring options!

Even if you’ll only do one or two outfits total (after all it’s not a fashion show it’s a photoshoot!) having options never hurts. Your photographer will be great at helping you pick out something flattering, so if you’re struggling to pick out just two outfits go ahead and bring them all. Bonus points if you bring different kinds of outfits, such as a dress, a skirt and shirt, or pants and different sweaters.

2. Opt for neutral earthy tones & pops of color

First off, let’s stay away from anything neon (unless that is really your thing then you do you!! I’m not here to tell you how to dress, just offering ideas.) Incredibly bright colors tend to be distracting, and we want your photos to showcase YOU! So earthy tones & pastels are killer when it comes to your photos. That being said I’m a sucker for pops of color, I always suggest leaning toward dark shades. Think a dark burgundy or a dark orange, we want those deep colors instead of something super vibrant.

3. Coordinate but don’t match

We want you two to look great next to each other, but you don’t want to look like mom just dressed you up to match your sibling! Wearing complimenting colors and sticking to solid colors can make this one easy.

4. Wear a “quiet” print or just stick to solids

When wearing something printed you want it to be as non-distracting as possible! This can mean wearing smaller prints such as small polka dots, small stripes, or a small gingham print. I’d avoid super large prints as best you can, think of keeping it simple! Most importantly AVOID LOGOS. Nothing is less romantic then wearing clothing that is just glorified advertising (I’m sorry but it’s true).

5. Pick clothes with texture, go for layers, and accessorize!

Clothing with texture photographs great! Maybe that means a knitted sweater, a top with embroidery on it, or frayed jeans. Then layer it up! Add a cute jacket, or a cardigan on top of your simple t-shirt and jeans outfit. Then add some accessories like jewelry or a hat. The little details are something that the camera picks up on so don’t be afraid to add a little something extra, after all you can always take it off!

6. Go for a flowy moment

OK I’m a sucker for a good flowy moment so if you’re thinking of wearing a dress or a skirt I ALWAYS suggest something that will pick up on wind/movement. I’d stray away from anything super tight and go for something you can play with! I mean…can we just all agree that a long dress blowing in the wind is AMAZING? Seriously just trust me on this one!

7. Wear something you can move around in

I know I personally love to have my couples move around in their photos, and we will do a variation of sitting & standing poses. So with that in mind I suggest not to wear clothing that is restrictive! Opting away from anything to low cut and to tight, instead go for something you can have a little bit of fun in. This goes for shoes as well, unless you’re wanting to do something super fancy I’d go for some shoes you can walk around in and be comfortable the whole time.

8. Dress for the season

Look, I’m all for being cute and cold at the same time but nobody wants to be in a dress and sandals in the middle of winter! Whatever the season is dress accordingly, if you wanna bust out a dress as the end of the session and be cold to finish it off, then YES do it! But you don’t want to be freezing the whole time so if it’s fall or winter don’t be afraid to bundle up a little. And if it’s summer time then embrace it! Take your shoes and sweater off and feel that earth beneath your feet!

9. Consider hair & makeup

There is no better time to do a little extra TLC then when you’re about to get your photo taken! Hair & makeup can go a long way!! Yes even for the dudes out there, start out looking your best so your photos will be their best. This doesn’t mean you have to get full glam if that isn’t your thing! If you don’t want to wear makeup that’s fine (embrace yourself, yessss!) but just know that we’re photographers not magicians and it will not magically look like you DO have makeup on if you don’t. And hey, who doesn’t like to get done up? Treat it like a date night, just look your best!

10. Think about the vibe you’re going for

Are you going for fancy, adventurous, laid back, fun, etc? Think about the “vibe” you want your engagement photos to be and run with it! If one of you is going to be fancy and the other wants to be laid back you might run into some issues with coordination, so talk it out before hand. I usually suggest one “fancier” outfit like a nice dress or button up and one more casual outfit.

11. Most importantly make sure you FEEL good!!

Be yourself, it shows! If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit it will be obvious. The more comfortable you can feel the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera and the better your pictures will turn out! If these suggestions don’t sit well with you, then my best advice is to BE YOURSELF! Never forget that your engagement photos are about the two of you, so let yourself shine!

And remember you only do your engagement photos once, don’t be afraid to go out and splurge on something nice to wear. After all it will always have that sentimental value of being what you wore to your engagement shoot and what a special time of your life that was. TREAT YO SELF! You deserve it!

Need more inspiration? Check out my pinterest board with lots of outfit inspo photos!