I met Charles years ago when we both danced in the same intensive (shout out to all the other dancers out there!). He is one of the most cheerful and loving guys I know! I was so happy to hear when him and Chris got engaged. It’s always so amazing when your romantic, super sweet, loving friends finds their forever.
I managed to convince these two that sunrise at Golden Gardens was going to be the SPOT and DANG it did not disappoint! If you’re looking for a perfect summer sunrise spot in the city, this is it. Everything was glowing, peaceful and warm.
Chris and Charles are so dang sweet with each other, and did we really expect anything less? They are so so so in love and it was so so so obvious.
After hanging out at Golden Gardens we wandered to a nearby park where these two formally presented engagement rings to each other. Their actual engagement had been low key. Something intimate just between the two of them so they also wanted a chance to say it to each other all over again somewhere else special.
Next we headed off to go see the Cherry Blossoms at the University of Washington campus.
All in all, an absolutely perfect morning with these two.