Oh Landon & Sabrina, these two had the most joyous Hyatt Regency Seattle wedding reception! Landon & Sabrina eloped somewhere warm (sounds like a good plan to me!) and then opted to celebrate with their family in Seattle a few months later. One thing I love about these two was their flexibility, joy through obstacles and ability to be calm in the face of the unexpected!

Less than two months out from their wedding reception date their originally venue closed on them! The kicker was the venue didn’t even let them know!! Luckily, I caught wind of the situation and was able to let these two know. Let me tell you, I do NOT like being the bearer of bad news but these two were so grateful, calm, and proactive. We quickly found them a whole new venue thanks to Hyatt Regency Seattle!

But the surprises didn’t end there! During toasts on their wedding day the Seattle weather had mega plans and there was a GIANT thunderstorm that made the power go out several times. You know what these two did? Laughed it off and kept on going!

If I could give any advice to couples it would be to be like these two. Embrace change and know that the most important thing is to be together, the rest is just a funny story.

Here is what Sabrina had to say about their Hyatt Regency Seattle wedding!

“Where to start on reasons to choose Amanda for your photography needs! First of all, our reception wouldn’t have been as magical, or even happened, if she hadn’t been part of our day. We were one of the unlucky couples to book a venue that closed without warning- 2 months before the reception Before anyone had caught wind of the situation, Amanda contacted me to let me know there might be an issue. Because of her, we were able to find a new venue within 2 days, and before it hit the mainstream news. Not only that, but the new venue was even better than the original. We can’t thank her enough.

She is nothing but professional, prompt and easy to work with. She took time to get to know us, have mutiple conversations regarding our relationship, likes/ dislikes, and what was important to us. She created a quick and trusting bond that made us feel at ease. My husband and I typically hate taking pictures, but Amanda embraced our quarks and caught moments that looked beautiful and effortless.

If available, take her up on the offer for Eugene to be the videographer. They are the best duo, and our wedding video made multiple people cry.

There is really no reason to search any farther than Amanda. You will not be sorry!”