Brandon & Katie’s Seattle Courthouse Wedding made it so clear that courthouse weddings are meaningful, special, and 100% wonderful.

Like so many other people Katie & Brandon’s wedding plans changed for 2020, but these two still wanted to officially tie the knot and they made it happen! It was a perfect morning, first we wandered around pioneer square for portraits and then we met up with Brandon’s parents at the courthouse where they signed as their witnesses. It was simple, absolutely no fuss, but so so so beautiful and heartfelt. It’s always such an honor to be let in on these intimate and meaningful moments.

I’m so happy these two had me on to capture their tiny courthouse wedding. It’s my belief that no matter how big, small, simple, or extravagant your wedding day is it still deserves to be photographed and preserved by somebody who cares about your memories! Because guess what, regardless of wether or not it’s your wedding plan A, B, or Z, you’re still going to remember this day as the first time you said I do to the one you love.