Jordan and Jenny’s Woodinville Micro wedding was something super special. These two were initially supposed to have a large wedding on Whidbey Island but when COVID-19 started to feel really real their plans quickly changed. Eventually they settled on a micro wedding with their most special people at a super eclectic AirBnB in Woodinville, WA. I loved the funky space they rented called Domicile Farm in Woodinville. It is so quirky and fun and the property had so many awesome little secret spots.

One thing I loved so much about Jordan & Jenny’s wedding was how much it reminded me of my own. Their family and friends did their flowers, put together their arch, made their cake, and really stepped up to make their day awesome. Watching Jenny’s friends and mom make her bouquet brought me right back to my own wedding day when my mom and sister did the same for me. I think the best part of tiny weddings like this is watching peoples village of folks show how much they love them through all the tiny acts of service.

It was such a perfect summer day, not too hot and not too cold. These two truly embraced having a COVID-19 wedding, taking all the right precautions and opting for an outdoor ceremony and a big yard picnic for dinner and toasts.

The thing I love about micro weddings like this is it means all the more time to spend with the people who really really make your life what it is. Smaller weddings offer the ability to really relax on your wedding day, there’s no mingling with folks you haven’t seen in years and no need to impress anybody. Out of all the chaos that was 2020, watching some amazing couples have tiny laid back weddings was certainly a highlight of it all.