First things first, let’s make it known that Carly & Ken absolutely embraced their rainy seattle engagement session and I am HERE FOR IT!

If you’re a born and raised PNW person like myself, then you know that it rains here in Seattle…like all of the time. We’re talking rain in the middle of July and literal months of drizzle in the winter. Suffice to say, I’m no stranger to a rainy day, it’s all just part of that PNW life.

So, when Carly & Ken said they wanted to do their engagement session rain or shine I was all in! Little did we realize this wouldn’t be your typical seattle rain, we’re talking a DOWN POUR sort of day.

I loved how much Carly & Ken just went with the flow and took whatever weather the universe threw at them. I had so much fun getting absolute drenched with them and their pup Philly. It’s not your average engagement session experience, but it’s definitely one I won’t be forgetting any time soon!

Love a rainy day? Here’s my advice to make a rainy seattle engagement session a 10/10 experience!

  • UMBRELLAS! I know that may seem like DUH but it’s definitely key. Having an umbrella means you can take some photos without getting soaking wet right away. It makes the session last a little longer and you won’t immediately ruin your hair and makeup. I personally love these clear ones from amazon,
  • A waterproof bag for your ‘stuff’. You don’t want your phone getting soaking wet during your shoot, I suggest a waterproof bag OR lining your backpack with a garbage bag to help keep things dry.
  • A change of clothes! Here’s the thing, you’re going to get wet. If you don’t love the look of having wet clothes on, I suggest you bring a second outfit so you can refresh halfway through!
  • Another change of clothes for the ride home. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY likes wearing wet jeans during the car ride home. Do yourself a favor and pack something cozy and warm for when your session is over. And don’t forget a change of socks and shoes!
  • A positive attitude! Rainy photos can be SO MUCH FUN! My number one advice is to let yourself embrace the weather!!