Kaylin & Blake got married with a perfect backyard wedding at their parents house in Gig Harbor, WA. These two, like so many others in 2020, originally planned to have a large wedding but due to COVID-19 switched to something smaller in order to still say I do.

These two proved just how beautiful a Gig Harbor backyard wedding can be! They held their ceremony down by the beach with an amazing drift wood alter. Their ceremony was so sweet, and these two literally tied the knot by making a braid together.

I can’t wait to continue to celebrate with these two this summer for their full wedding!

3 Tips for having a perfect Backyard Wedding

  • Pick a ceremony spot with the best view! It’s so important when picking your ceremony spot to try to pick somewhere you love. It’s a total bonus for a spacious area but picking a view that speaks to you is a must!
  • Don’t forget the decorations. Just because you may be having a smaller wedding doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the decor. If anything a backyard wedding means you have all the more money to spend on making sure the space still feels special. I always love to remind couples that even something small is still your wedding day. Make it aesthetically pleasing and something you’ll be happy to look back on! I loved the way Kaylin and Blake invested in flowers and their dining table set ups.
  • Make it easy, simple, and fun for you! One of my favorite things about smaller backyard weddings or elopements is the ability to make the day easy breezy and simple. Because of the size of the day you have more freedom to have downtime, to do things YOU love to do, and to avoid all the mingling and “must do’s” of a large wedding. Remind yourself that you have the freedom to do whatever it is you like on your day!

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