Frequently Asked Questions

Have five million and one questions? Don't worry one bit, I got you!


• How do I book my session or wedding?

Super easy! Just send me a message through my contact page and we will get straight to booking your session via E-mail!

• How and when do I pay?

When you book with me 25% of the package price is due to reserve your date and time and is a non-refundable deposit. The rest of the package fee is due one month before the session.

• How will I get my photos back from you?

Your photos will be posted to an online gallery through where they will be available for 3 months after your session. From there you will be able to share and download!

• How long does it take to get my edited photos back?

Your photos will be back to you within 8 weeks, however in most cases it takes more like 3-4! It's important to me to take my time and ensure that everybody is getting the care and attention they need when it comes to their session, this is why I allow an 8 week turnover in the event that I am fully booked for the month.

• Can you help us with planning some of our wedding?

OMG yes! If you need any help with the planning of your wedding I am so here for you. I can help with timeline, photo ideas, vendors, etc.
I've been to a lot of weddings at this point so I have a great feel for what a wedding day looks like, and I also know a lot of other people in the industry! I am 100% here to do whatever I can for ya!

• I'm not sure where I want my photos taken, how can you help?

When it comes to picking a place to do your session I have you covered! I love adventure so I know tons of beautiful parks in the Seattle and Eastside areas. Some of my favorites are Discovery park, Lincoln Park, Richmond Beach Park, Juanita Bay Park, and more.
If you are looking to opt out of the Seattle area, (This can be done as a couple shoot with the Portrait Plus Package) I also know lots of amazing locations that we can either go on a hike to or just walk to! I know plenty of hikes for all different levels as well.

• How can I make sure I look my best?

This is the one I get asked the most! So let's split it up into a couple of parts:

-I suggest for you to have your hair styled the exact way you want it to look in photos. I am partial to hair down but style it however feels the best to you! If you are wanting to get it cut for the shoot I would suggest that you don't do it right before the shoot, just in case! As always go ahead and bring some extra bobby pins and hair ties!

-If you want to wear makeup it's best to get it professionally done. If that is not an option for you then just go ahead and make sure you do it well. Makeup can really enhance your photos, but you want to make sure it's nothing too heavy! Blemishes are easy to retouch out but dry peeling makeup not so much.
Again this is always personal preference, you may like to do full glam or wear nothing at all. Either is perfectly perfect, as long as it feels like YOU.
I do however definitely suggest that you bring chapstick/lipgloss/lipstick in order to ensure that you do not have chapped lips during your shoot!

-Wear something that makes you feel confident! If you are going to wear more than one outfit I suggest something more dressy and something more casual. Such as a dress or skirt for one and jeans and a nice shirt for another. For guys a nice dress shirt and pants as well as something more formal.
-I will send you an outfit guide PDF & a link to my pinterest board to help you out with everything!
-If you are unsure which outfit will work best go ahead and bring multiple! Heck you can bring your whole closet for us to pick from if you really want!

• What am I allowed to bring with me to a portrait session?

These shoots are all about showcasing you! So bring whatever screams YOU. Maybe that means we get in a few dance shots, a look in your sports jersey, or you playing your guitar. Bring along your parents to your senior shoot or you dog to your family shoot! It's totally up to you. I love props and I love doing something a little bit different. If you feel nervous about bringing something just go ahead and ask in advance!

• I've never posed for photos before, how can I prepare?

I think most everyone is worried about posing for photos the first time, I know I myself get a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera!
I personally love photos that showcase the natural you, so the most important part is to just be yourself! I'll give you tips and tricks during your session and give you some light directions. I also suggest looking at the photos you love and seeing how that person is posed and maybe even trying it out yourself in a mirror to feel more confident. And lastly just remember we are here to have fun, and it's important to relax and enjoy the process!

• Can I post these photos to my social media?

Yes, of course! In fact I suggest it, show off your awesome self!
If you do, it's much appreciated to throw me a tag or photo credit if you do, that way I can reach more amazing clients like yourself!

Still have more questions?
Send me an e-mail through my contact page and let me know how I can help!