I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in Seattle, WA
I'm a creative girl at heart, and love living a creative lifestyle to match. When I'm not doing photography you can find me teaching dance, painting, hanging out with my boyfriend and cat, and exploring the PNW. I'm on a constant quest to find magic!



You're more than just a number to me!

I know getting married is a BIG DEAL! So I never want you to feel like your photographer doesn't care, heck we spend the whole day with you (seriously, sometimes even more time then you spend with your partner!!) so I want you to know that I'm invested in making your day the best day. I want to laugh, cry, cheer you on and have the best time with you on your wedding day. I am there to support you and document the way your love is soooooo freaking special!!

I appreciate my couples just as much as they appreciate me

I mean it. Sometimes I just can't believe that my couples open up and let me in on one of the most important days of their life! So I want you to know that I'll appreciate you for having me there as part of your day just as much as you'll appreciate me!!!

I believe Love is LOVE

Everybody is unique and that's what makes earth so freaking cool. It doesn't matter to me what you look like or who you love, just that you're spreading love and celebrating love! I will never turn you away because you aren't hip enough, cool enough, have different spiritual beliefs then me, don't look the "look" (WTF is the look anyway!?), are LGBTQ, or whatever else you can think of. All I care about is that you're nice & I'm nice, so let's have fun!

Most importantly I believe that your photos should showcase the best version of you!
I don't think photo sessions should feel stuffy and awkward, instead I just want to have fun with you! Everybody feels a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and I want to change that. Let your silly, goofy, sarcastic, stoic, playful, beautiful spirit shine! I want my couples to feel like they are on a date night and I'm just here tagging along, that means lots of laughs, kisses, and cuddles! And yes that goes for your wedding day too, it should all be about having the time of your life. Don't you agree?


"Amanda is one of the most energetic and lighthearted photographers I have ever worked with. Her images continue to amaze me in their clarity and ability to capture the energy of the moment. I have worked with Amanda on several projects and all have exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!"
Kate S.